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24W LED Panels Light Features:

1. Adopting precision aluminum with integrated heat sink, strong convective heat dissipation design, meanwhile, PCB board with high thermal conductivity of aluminum plate, the heat dissipation is faster and better than the PCS(Soft light). Perfect to solve the heat dissipation problem, to make the light’s life longer
2. Adopting imported R&D raw materials which made of high-quality nano-optic LGB can make the finished product LED panel lights more homogeneous, it will not appear dark spots, the water ripples and so on. Make you enjoy a different light environment.
3. Adopting Taiwan original 2835 chip, stable performance, high brightness, less lumens depreciation, high CRI advantages and so on, it is your best choice for home improvement and construction.
4. Adopting special technology, Ultra-thin design, sandblasting and coated technology treatment surface, concise, brightness and comfortable.
5. Adopting imported IC constant current power supply, emerald electrolytic capacitors, high precision constant current, long life, instant start, no flicking, no noise.
6. Embedded installation, beautiful and high-end fashion

Commercial complex,hotel,coffee shop,counter,show room,hospital,restaurant,office, leisure Club,school and other areas.

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