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60W LED Panel Light Features:

● The light’s design is concise and beautiful, luxurious,not only with good lighting effects, but also brings a feeling of beauty. Long life: The normal life is more than 50,000 hours, equivalent to 5-10 times of the energy-saving lamps.
● Super energy saving:LED lighting products, low power, brightness,100% power saving than incandescent bulbs, 50% energy saving than the energy-saving lamps.
● Super environmental:LED is a new green light, cold light source, small glare, no radiation, no harmful substances when use it.
● Lamp illumination uniformity,soft and comfortable light but keep brightness,can efficiently relief the eyestrain.
● Selection of quality SPCC material, toughness, low thermal conductivity, acid and alkali resistance, good low-temperature resistance properties.
1.Diffusion plate: Using PS diffusion plate, high transmittance, anti-ultraviolet.
2.LGP:Using PMMA material,adopting imported high-quality nano-optic LGB.
3.Frame: Using imported 6063 aluminum alloy, strong hardness, non-deformation, bend.
4..Back board: Using strong oxidized iron back, professional oxide anti- rust, non-corrosion.
5.Power supply:Adopting imported IC constant current power supply,emerald electrolytic capacitors, high precision constant current, instant start, long life no flicking, no noise.
6.Lamp bead:Using SMD2835 chip, high luminous efficiency Taiwan wafer, three security chip.
7.Aluminum PCB:Using aluminum plate with good heat dissipation,better than fiberboard, long life.
Commercial complex,hotel,coffee shop,counter,show room,hospital,restaurant,office, leisure Club,school and other areas

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