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50W DIMMING LED Panels Light Features:
1. Unique patented design appearance structure, high-grade fashion beautiful and practical, professional structure and appearance design makes it unique, better heat dissipation, longer life, the first choice for business and families.
2. Adopting imported high-grade SMD2835, higher efficiency, longer life.
3. Unique optical design, form the plane light effect though LGP, with independent development Mosaic LGP, light effect is better and more beautiful.
4. Adopting imported IC constant current power supply, emerald electrolytic capacitors, high precision constant current, long life, instant start, no flicking, no noise, no interference.
5. Environment protection: no infrared ray, no UV, no heat effect, no other toxic substances.
6. Uniformity of luminescent: the light plan output, wider light angle.
Commercial complex,hotel,coffee shop,counter,show room,hospital,restaurant,office, leisure Club,school and other areas

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